Committee Information

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Applications are due by Friday Week 3, October 14th at 11:59PM!

The External Affairs Committee! Brought to you by Connie and Juny:

Meeting times: Monday 7:30 PM odd weeks

The External Affairs Committee, led by the External Vice President and the Outreach Director, focuses on all of the major events that the Regents Scholar Society puts on for a variety of audiences. These events include SPIEL, Zombie Talk, and other activities for the UCLA population. Committee members will also be facilitating a peer mentorship program for the Society along with coordinating the Overnight Stay Program for new admits. Students that are interested in event planning, logistics, and marketing through graphic design will find a great home in the External Affairs Committee!

Committee Positions:

  • Event Coordinator: plan external and outreach events throughout the year, including mentorship socials and dorm dinners. You'll also be planning your own events and suggesting ideas on how to improve current ones.
  • Mentorship Facilitator: assist with the organization of peer mentors and mentees for the upcoming school year. Organize and create RSS families, along with reaching out and communicating with family heads about their progress.
  • Graphic Design Intern: help create meaningful flyers, advertisements, and documents for all of the external affairs and outreach activities that the Regent Scholar Society hosts.
  • Head of Speaker Recruitment: seeks out applicants for SPIEL and helps with the selection process, as well as searches for faculty and guest speakers for speaker events open to the public.
  • Head of Logistics: in charge of all technical aspects of SPIEL and other speaker events, including ┬áscheduling or renting rooms and equipment.

Internal Affairs Committee - valiantly commanded by Irena and Krishna :)

Meeting times: Monday 5 PM even weeks

Led by the Internal Vice President (IVP) and Educational Programs Director (EPD), the Internal Affairs Committee is dedicated to making our members' time here at UCLA as enjoyable, memorable, and worthwhile as possible. Committee members will have the opportunity to plan some of RSS's most popular and beloved events, like our Winter Retreat, Spring Banquet, and quarterly General Meetings - as well as our educational programs, like faculty mentor mixers, career-development workshops, and post-graduate student information sessions. The Internal Affairs Committee is perfect for scholars who are full of creative ideas and enthusiasm, as well as for people looking to develop their leadership and organizational skills.

Coordinator Positions:

  • Finances Coordinator: Responsible for working with IVP and EPD to estimate appropriate budgets for upcoming events, as well as for collecting payments from members as needed throughout the year.
  • Educational Workshop Coordinator: Have creative ideas? Help us brainstorm for both fun and professional workshops! Responsible for organizing workshops for RSSers that are geared towards professional development (such as the Getting into Research workshop) in addition to fun educational workshops (such as the Photography workshop ).
  • Networking Coordinator: Help organize mixers with grad-students (like Dorm Dinner with Med Students) and faculty (like the Faculty Mentor Mixer). Responsibilities include outreach, room reservation, and making sure our guest have enough food/refreshments.
  • Event Coordinator: Help brainstorm, plan, and organize big RSS events throughout the year: general meetings, Winter Retreat, and Spring Banquet! Responsibilities include outreach, organizing drivers, and planning engaging activities.

FUNding Overlords Wanda and Niel reporting in.

Meeting times: Tuesday 8 PM even weeks

The FUNding Committee, headed by the Treasurer and Corporate Relations Director, has only one goal: turn RSS into R$$. Members work together to organize fundraisers, such as Date Auction, RSS Prom, and smaller events such as restaurant dinners and LA outings (Laugh Factory, TV tapings, etc). This committee is perfect for RSSers who think creatively, are organized, and want to gain experience in planning events, professionally interacting with businesses, and frolicking with money.

Committee Positions:

  • Funding Project Manager: helps plan the details and logistics of both small and large-scale RSS fundraisers, from restaurant dinners to RSS Prom to Date Auction. Examples of tasks may include setting up Google docs, researching food options, and picking our next fundraising destination.
  • Corporate Liaison: brainstorms cool sponsorship ideas for RSS such as company donations or discounts, and actually implements those ideas by contacting the businesses and acting as RSS's liaison. Assists the CRD with grant tasks and helps the other FUNding interns make each fundraiser a FUNdraiser.

The Luminous LAMP Committee, penned by J.R. Blum

Meeting times: Tuesday 7 PM even weeks

The goal of the Los Angeles Mentorship Program (LAMP) Committee is to provide quality tutoring free of charge to the underserved students of University High School. Our tutoring programs include AVID and standardized test preparation (STP) tutoring, as well as Mentorship Workshops on college preparatory topics. AVID tutoring covers a variety of subjects and takes place during regular class hours, with students being grouped by their subject of concern. STP tutoring is an after school program that is available to all University High students that allows students to practice for these important tests through trial and tutelage. LAMP also provides a free, full-length practice test session to the students at a later point in the year. Mentorship Workshops are for the AVID students and have previously consisted of Overcoming Adversity, Personal Statement Editing, Financial Aid 101, and Time Management. In addition to these main services, we also have an annual UCLA campus visit for the AVID students.

Committee Positions:

  • LAMPboard: is the logistical component of the LAMP committee consisting of the Director and the various LAMP Coordinators that ensures that the program is running smoothly and helping the most amount of high schoolers as logistically possible. At the end of each quarter, Coordinators will administer a survey to the high school students in their respective sessions, asking them for their feedback on their experiences with the mentorship program and tutoring sessions. Coordinators will also be involved in facilitating volunteer training and guiding them through the process of becoming a tutor (including helping in the LiveScan and TB screening processes), as well as keeping volunteer attendance in their respective sessions.
  • (Note that depending on how many people apply for the LAMP Committee, we may have multiple interns of each type)

  • STP Coordinators: help publicize the after-school SAT and ACT courses throughout University High School, find classrooms in the school to hold the sessions, and distribute the SAT and ACT course materials to the volunteers to be used by the students in the classrooms. These coordinators also keep track of the attendance of the students and tutors in these sessions and take note of what additional supplies they may need for the course, as well as what can be improved in these sessions.
  • AVID Coordinators: are responsible for ensuring that there is always an AVID LAMP volunteer present at every AVID session at University High School. These coordinators will work closely with the head of AVID at University High School and ensure that all training for AVID LAMP tutors is done effectively and efficiently.
  • Mentorship Coordinators: are responsible for any mentorship workshops at University High School; they must find classrooms to host the workshops and publicize all workshop events across the high school, as well as take attendance of tutors and tutees at the events.
  • Lightbulbs: are the ground force of LAMP, providing the tutoring capacities to the three branches of LAMP. They can join any time for any of the three branches so long as they abide by the application and processing protocols of their respective branch.
    • AVID Tutors encourage get the students to think critically and work together by asking questions that will lead them to essentially answer their own question through critical thinking. These tutors work during school hours in AVID classrooms.
    • STP Tutors help the students in whichever STP subject they need further clarification, and they are also responsible for grading practice tests when applicable.
    • Workshop Tutors assist Mentorship Coordinators in planning and running workshops, and they will also help plan and run the annual campus visit.

Conference Committee, enthusiastically arranged by Lauren and Emily

Meeting times: Tuesday 8 PM odd weeks

The Conference Committee, led by Alumni Relations and Inter-UC Liaison Lauren Su and President Emily Siegler, will primarily be responsible for organizing and implementing the inter-UC conference in April, which will this year entail Regents scholars from all over California migrating to sunny Los Angeles for a weekend of collaboration, mingling, and intellectual stimulation. Committee members will assist the ARL and President in arranging logistical details for the conference, recruiting faculty speakers, and ultimately making sure we are ready to impress the other UC Regents Scholars with our conference. If you want to gain leadership skills, learn about the different Regents Scholar Societies on various UC campuses, work on a large and incredibly rewarding project, and get to personally know two awesome Eboard members, join Conference Committee!

Committee Positions:

  • Speaker Coordinator: Coordinate with UCLA's prestigious faculty to be a part of our speaker events during the Inter-UC Conference! Not only will you help us organize the speaker events, you will be in contact with the amazing professors and faculty mentors our campus has to offer.
  • Workshop Coordinator: Know anyone with an interesting story to tell? Become a workshop coordinator and help us find student speakers who can give engaging and fun presentations during the Inter-UC Conference!
  • Logistics Coordinator: Help book rooms, organize catering, and coordinate transportation during conference as a Logistics Coordinator! You'll be working with the committee as well as our amazing secretary Jake Todd to plan out the details of conference.
  • Housing Coordinator: The Regents Scholars from other UCs will need a place to stay during their three day adventure at UCLA! Help our committee find hosts who live on the Hill and make lots of friends in the process.
  • Outside Activities Coordinator If you know all the great spots to visit in LA, become an Outside Activities Coordinator! You'll be helping our committee plan activities around LA to show how amazing our city is. **In addition to planning conference, coordinators will assist ARL (Lauren Su) with planning other events throughout the year, such as Alumni Mixer winter quarter and the San Diego Zoo trip with UCSD's scholar society!

Communications Committee, sponsored by Christine and Jake:

Meeting times: Thursday 6 PM even weeks

The Communications Committee, led by Christine and Jake, is responsible for maintaining and updating the RSS website. Members will work together in small teams to create new pages and functions to the RSS official website. This committee is open to both those experienced with coding and those who want to learn about web development and web design. If you've been telling yourself that you're going to learn how to code, this is a great place to get started!

Committee Members:

  • Front End Developers: Have an eye for design? This is the position you want! Website development isn't just making sure the website works; making it look pretty is just as important. Try your hand at making the RSS webpage look great! (Languages: HTML, CSS, possibly JavaScript)
  • Back End Developers: Know your way around an SQL database? Familiar with the LAMP stack? Want to learn what happens behind the scenes on a website? Back End Development is the position you want. From learning and using JavaScript to preventing Cheng from creating a fake profile, you'll find lots to do in this position! (Languages: JavaScript, PHP, potentially SQL queries)
  • Full Stack: Want to just learn about coding? Don't feel like specializing in only design or database work? The full stack position is like a Denny's sampler plate, but without the regret at the end! Learn to create your own homepage and make the RSS website run smoother.
  • Web Designers: If you don't feel like coding but still want to be involved, apply for a design position! You'll be working with everyone else to make the website amazing!

Activities Committee with Anika, Lucia, and Visesha

Meeting times: Monday 8 PM even weeks

The Activities Committee, led by the Activities Directors (Lucia and Visesha) and Community Service Director (Anika), is a new collaboration bringing together two major pillars of RSS social life. This Committee will be responsible for planning traditional RSS events, creating fun new activities, and serving the communities of UCLA and Los Angeles. From planning bonfires to serving the homeless, the committee will play a huge role in bringing the society together and providing unforgettable experiences for all members. Help make RSS even more amazing than last year! If you like having fun and you like RSS, this is the Committee for you!

Committee Positions:

  • Budget Coordinator : Help keep track of the money involved with running our great social events. This position will be responsible for estimating the costs of events as well as collecting payments throughout the year.
  • Logistics Coordinator: Help use Google Forms to manage the incoming reservations for events and plan all aspects of events while working closely with the Transportation and Supplies Coordinators to ensure that all of our events go without a hitch.
  • Supplies and Transportation Coordinator : Work closely with the Logistics Coordinator(s) to organize rides with drivers, busses, or the various modes of transportation around Los Angeles. Also, show off your organizational skills and help plan, buy, and organize all of the various items and food that help make RSS events great!
  • Community Service Networking Coordinator : Interested in business? Want to create good corporate relations and support community service at the same time? This position focuses on community service opportunities offered through local and regional businesses. Essentially, you'll find campaigns put on by various businesses and help RSS piggyback on them. Contacts local and regional businesses to gain sponsorship (either monetary support or donations) for community service events.
  • Subcommittee Leaders for Environmental, Youth Service, and Health Causes
    • Health/Animal Officer: Pre-med or pre-pharm or pre-something-that-saves-people's-lives? In this position you'll create joint efforts with other health-related student groups. You'll also identify needs in the health field and work with Anika to create a project or event.
    • Environmental Officer: Interested in helping fight the largest issue facing humanity? Are you anywhere near as big of an environmental geek as I am? This is your chance to find out. This officer connects with environmental groups to join forces on events and campaigns. You'll also have the opportunity to create and lead various environmental campaigns that grab your interest.
    • Youth Service Officer: Love kids? Looking for experience teaching kids, or fostering the development of underprivileged children? This is for you. You'll be responsible for organizing events related to youth service, in particular our Reading to Kids events.

Publicity Committee with Sarah!

Meeting times: Wednesday 6 PM odd weeks

This committee is headed by the Publicity Director (surprise, surprise!) with the aim of increasing participation at Regents events as well as Regents pride! We will work closely with the other committees to promote and publicize events from our Regents social activities to campus-wide events like SPIEL. This committee is perfect for those interested in marketing, sales, and photography.

Committee Positions:

  • Marketing Intern : Reaches out to the students to come out to all the events we host, especially the ones open to the entire student body.
  • Merchandise Intern : Promotes RSS gear sales
  • Social Media Intern : Helps run the multiple RSS social media accounts in promoting events
  • Historian: Takes photographs at RSS events